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How To Report A Repair


It is important that you report a repair as soon as you are aware that it needs to be done.

In order to report a repair you must telephone the repair line.

From a landline: FREEPHONE 0800 849 1400

From a mobile: 03030 30 1000

*Calls to 03030 numbers cost the same as a normal land line number (even from a mobile), or are completely free if the caller has free minutes within their mobile phone tariff.

The above number must also be used to report out of hours/ emergency repair. We are unable to log repairs at our head office.


What happens when you report a repair?

  • You will be asked for your name, address and contact details
  • The advisor will discuss the details of the repair and put it onto the computer system
  • You will be told what category the repair is in, the length of time that it will take for it to be completed and if it is rechargeable
  • You will be contacted by one of our contractors to arrange an appointment for the work to be completed. You are responsible for allowing access for the repair to be completed between 8am-5pm
  • When the repair has been completed, we will ask you what you thought of the service by asking you to complete a short satisfaction survey
  • To find out more about Nehemiah's repair and maintenance service, please view the customer handbook below.

Reporting Repair Advice

Reporting Repair Advice

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